2 in 1 Flower Bed Garage



  • All Wooden Garage
  • Double Protective Coating
  • Flower Bed on Top
  • Hides Robot Lawn Mower
  • Protects Mower from Weather Conditions
  • Choice of white or black


If you need a space for your robot lawn mower without losing space for your flowers then this 2 in 1 garage is for you. This unique garage allows you to continue to grow flowers or vegetables on top without losing space in your garden.

This distinctive feature makes room for creativity and enables you to hide the robot mower away from plain sight. Sheltering both your robot and the docking station from the weather, adding several years to the robots life.

Door dimensions: Width: 67cm Height: 40cm

Fits all ambrogio robots apart from L400 

Garage Length: 104cm

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