L60 Elite S+


For small to medium lawns. ‘Drop and mow’ technology.

Lawn size: up to 400 m2
Mowing time: up to 3 hours
Max slope: 50%




For small to medium lawns, ‘drop and mow’ technology

For lawns up to 400 m2

Weighing in at 8.5kg his innovative mower eliminates the need for a perimeter wire or base charging station, making it a more convenient and hassle-free solution for your lawn maintenance needs.

Designed to mow lawns up to 400m2 without the need for a perimeter wire or a charging base station on the lawn, the L60 Elite S+ from Ambrogio will continuously mow a lawn area for up to 3 hours, when it’s finished you pick it up and move it to a new area or put it back on charge for next time.

This robot is perfect if you’re looking for a ‘drop and mow’ autonomous robot mower, we see it as a solution sitting in between a traditional manual lawn mower and a completely hands-free robot mower.

If you’re looking for a completely hands-free solution that will self-charge on the lawn and go to work automatically as scheduled via the app (perimeter wire and outside socked required) take a look at the Twenty Deluxe, which will mow lawns up to 700m2, or the Twenty Elite which you can operate from anywhere via mobile data connectivity.

Additional information

Suitable lawn size

Up to 400m2


8.6 Kgs

Maximum allowable slope


Average working time

3 hours

Average recharge time

4.5 hours