Quad Elite


Best for slopes and all terrain.

Lawn size: up to 3,500m2
Mowing time: up to 2.5 hours
Max slope: 75%


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Best for slopes and all-terrain, capable of cutting slopes up to 75% 

For lawns up to 3,500m2

The Quad Elite is a highly advanced Ambrogio robotic lawnmower that excels at mowing gardens with slopes of up to 75%. It features a powerful 10Ah battery and electrically steered 4-wheel drive that enables it to navigate extremely steep climbs and bumps in the lawn. The robot’s efficient design allows each wheel to steer in any direction, ensuring graceful movements on both regular and undulating terrain. Additionally, its compact and square-shaped dimensions of only 53cm make it easy and safe to transport.

Ambrogio’s commitment to quality is evident in the premium parts and high-grade materials used to build each robot. Backed by a 6-year warranty, you can trust that the Quad Elite is a reliable investment. It features solid steel blades that outlast smaller, replaceable blades commonly found on other robotic mowers. Its larger blades maximize the cutting area, ensuring a clean and uniform cut. The robot also includes a rain sensor and a large touchscreen colour LCD display for easy control.

For added convenience, the Quad Elite features a special RADAR sensor that recognizes regular-shaped obstacles in the garden. This advanced technology ensures that your robot can navigate your lawn with precision and ease.


This robot requires installation of a perimeter wire.

We use our specialist cable-laying machine to neatly bury the wire, 1 – 2 inches below the surface of the lawn with no mess.

Installation assumes:

– The grass is cut/short prior to installation.

– An outdoor socket is in near proximity to the desired base station location.

– The perimeter wire route is 100% turfed.

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Additional information

Suitable lawn size

Up to 3,500 m2


18.4 Kgs

Maximum slope


Average working time

2.5 hours

Average recharge time

2 Hours