Twenty 29 Elite


A high performance solution for large areas of grass

For lawns up to 3,500m2

The TWENTY line has been revolutionized with the addition of the TWENTY 29 model, perfect for medium to large green spaces. The two models available, Deluxe and Elite, boast advanced technology which gives the robot outstanding performance. With brushless motors, high-powered batteries, and a 29 cm blade, the TWENTY 29 Elite is capable of handling areas up to 3,500 sqm.


This robot requires installation of a perimeter wire.

We use our specialist cable-laying machine to neatly bury the wire, 1 – 2 inches below the surface of the lawn with no mess.

Installation assumes:

– The grass is cut/short prior to installation.

– An outdoor socket is in near proximity to the desired base station location.

– The perimeter wire route is 100% turfed.

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