Twenty 25 Elite


For medium sized lawns. Compact and discreet.

Lawn size: up to 1,800m2
Mowing time: up to 3 hours
Max slope: 45%




For medium sized lawns, compact and discreet

For lawns up to 1,800m2

The Ambrogio Twenty 25 Elite is a new iteration on the already excellent Twenty Elite, with a slightly larger chassis expanding the cutting width and allowing the robot to cover even greater areas. This little machine is fitted with the latest processors, brushless motors, a powerful battery and a solid 25cm stainless steel blade.

Compared to its size, this mower can maintain a large 1800m2 area. Its small footprint allows it to handle intricate areas with ease, and it can even maintain up to 8 separate lawn areas.

The compact size, measuring 53cm long and weighing in at 10kg, keeps the Twenty 25 discreet on your lawn. This mower is inconspicuous when working but also takes up minimal space in the recharging dock, so more of your garden is free to enjoy. With advanced off-lawn docking capabilities, it can park itself neatly out of the way when not hard at work.

The Twenty 25 Elite can handle complex installation, with its software allowing the management of 8 separate lawn zones. Large Flex-Grip rubber tyres allow the Twenty 25 to tackle slopes up to 45 Degrees and the solid 25cm stainless steel cutting blade ensures a beautiful finish on your lawn. The Ambrogio Remote App makes interfacing with the robot incredibly simple, allowing you to set up automatic mowing schedules via Bluetooth or GSM.

The addition of GPS-assisted mowing and the ZCS Connect Module make the Twenty Elite an even more advanced robot. Using GPS to help navigate your garden, the Twenty 25 Elite mows more efficiently as it gets to know your lawn. The Twenty 25 Elite is also a very secure machine as the Geofencing feature combined with the GPS module allows you to track your machine in real-time. Increased connectivity thanks to the ZCS Connect Module makes the Twenty 25 Elite Compatible with voice assistants and the Ambrogio Amico tag.


This robot requires installation of a perimeter wire.

We use our specialist cable-laying machine to neatly bury the wire, 1 – 2 inches below the surface of the lawn with no mess.

Installation assumes:

– The grass is cut/short prior to installation.

– An outdoor socket is in near proximity to the desired base station location.

– The perimeter wire route is 100% turfed.

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Additional information


1,800 m2


10.5 Kgs

Maximum allowable slope


Continuous cutting time

3 hours