Twenty ZR


No perimeter wire is required

For lawns up to 1000m2

The Twenty ZR robot mower simplifies lawn mowing for gardens up to 1000 square meters without requiring a perimeter wire, thanks to its AI and RADAR navigation system. It can handle slopes of up to 45% and has a 5Ah lithium ion battery, running for up to 4 hours. Its Bluetooth connectivity, rain sensor, and keypad make it easy to use. The compact robot and base station design are suitable for any home garden.

The Twenty ZR robot mower is a fast, powerful, and lightweight solution that doesn’t require a perimeter wire. It incorporates advanced technologies, such as AI and front-mounted radar sensors, to map and manage the garden by detecting grass, obstacles (stationary and moving), edges, and perimeters. After completing a mowing session, the Twenty ZR automatically returns to the dock to recharge for the next scheduled mowing operation.


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