Twenty Elite


For medium sized gardens. Light weight. GPS enabled.

Lawn size: up to 1,000m2
Mowing time: up to 2 hours
Max slope: 45%




For medium sized gardens, light weight, GPS enabled

For lawns up to 1,000m2

If your lawn is under 1,000m2 and you’re looking for a high-tech quality robot mower which will produce an excellent cut the Twenty Elite is for you.

The compact size, measuring 42cm long and weighing in at 7kg, keeps the Twenty Elite discreet on your lawn. This mower is inconspicuous when working, but also takes up minimal space in the recharging dock, so more of your garden is free to enjoy.

A GPS and Connect module in the Twenty Elite increase efficiency using GPS assisted navigation, while giving you full GPS tracking, GeoFence alerts and the ability to manage, interact and monitor the mowers functions.


This robot requires installation of a perimeter wire.

We use our specialist cable-laying machine to neatly bury the wire, 1 – 2 inches below the surface of the lawn with no mess.

Installation assumes:

– The grass is cut/short prior to installation.

– An outdoor socket is in near proximity to the desired base station location.

– The perimeter wire route is 100% turfed.

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Additional information


up to 1000m2



Continuous cutting time

2 hours (1 x 2.5 AH)

Maximum allowable slope

45 %